Loan Insurance and Real Estate Loans

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The Hamon law of March 17, 2014 gives one year to the borrower to unilaterally terminate his group insurance contract signed in package of his mortgage. We do brokerage insurance borrowers . We work in collaboration with about seven insurance companies that can give us two points:

  1. For aggravated risks – that is, for people who have trouble getting insurance;
  2. Offer the best loan insurance terms on the market.

Our vocation on this activity is to treat the position “insurance of loan” among the five positions of the negotiation of a mortgage. Attention, since the law of February 21, 2017 it is official and definitive, the borrowers will be able to cancel their insurance contract at the annual expiry. This right applies immediately “for offers of loans issued from the date of publication of the law” and from 1 January 2018 for “insurance contracts in progress”. Thus, whatever the situation, the cancellation may be requested by the borrower from January 1, 2018.


Loan insurance is not reviewed in case of repurchase of mortgage, unless your professional situation or your health has changed significantly. During a loan redemption or renegotiation, it is quite possible to keep the current loan insurance that was subscribed in delegation. This is also recommended if your health has changed in a negative way (sick leave, surgery or medical treatment). In all cases, it is necessary to inform your insurer following the change of rate and / or amount.

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