Requirements to meet to request a quick loan

The number of options to request a fast credit with financial credit institutions every time increase more. This is good news for all those people who are registered in this or other delinquency files, because they can get the money they need to deal with an unexpected situation.

As we are going to explain to you from Astro Finance, financial companies are becoming more permissive with the situation of being registered with financial credit institutions. In this way, it is easier to access effective and fast financing.

How to leave financial credit institutions?

How to leave financial credit institutions?

Those who are registered in this delinquency file usually find obstacles when making any type of financial transaction. Almost all banks will check if you are registered in this file before offering products or even to be able to open an account in your entity. Even to request a new telephone line it is essential that your name does not appear on any of these delinquent lists.

Therefore, although there are quick financing methods for people who are in financial credit institutions or RAI, it is important that you devote the necessary time to know the reason why your name appears in these lists and do what is necessary to be eliminated.

In order to request that you delete your data it is necessary that you previously have paid off the debt you have contracted with the company that registered you. After making the payment of the debt, the company must request that your data be removed from that file. In case you do not fully trust the company in question, you can always contact financial credit institutions again to request the deletion of your data. To do this, you must present proof of payment of the debt in question.

Requirements to request a quick credit with financial credit institutions

Requirements to request a quick credit with financial credit institutions

To access the quick credits with financial credit institutions it is necessary to comply with a series of minimum requirements. Although, when dealing with small amounts (not more than 1000 euros), the conditions are small. Each lender company has its own, but, as a general rule, the requirements necessary to apply for a loan while at financial credit institutions are:

  • Be a Spanish resident and have an identity document that verifies it.
  • Be of legal age, although in some cases it is necessary to be between 21 and 65 years old.
  • Have one or several sources of income sufficient to be able to make the repayment of the credit. It is not necessary that it be a payroll, it can be a benefit or any other type of demonstrable and sufficient income to face the payment.
  • Have a phone number in your name and an email account. As a general rule, the acceptance of the credit agreement is made through SMS.

As an important fact, it must be mentioned that, if you are registered with financial credit institutions due to non-payment to a bank or financial entity, almost no company will accept your request. Also, if the amount of the debt for which you are in a delinquency record is higher than 2000 euros, it will be very difficult to accept your application without presenting an endorsement (usually the car or the house).

With this information that we offer you from Astro Finance, it is only your own decision what separates you from requesting a quick credit with financial credit institutions.

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