P2P Investments and Loan Marketplace

Loans P2P (peer to peer)

Loans P2P (peer to peer)

Bankate: P2P Investments and Loan Marketplace – P2P ( peer to peer ) loans are one of the most sought after by companies that need fast credit and no bureaucracy. Before, this type of loan was offered only to companies, but nowadays, individuals also get thanks to score on the credit history they possess. Having options from companies that offer loans in an easy way helps a lot in difficult situations.

Bankate is committed to innovation in the investment and lending sector. Founded in 2014, the main service offered is the loan in the P2P model. This model provides the facility of getting loans without the need to have a bank as an intermediary. The team that makes up the company is formed of extremely experienced professionals and with innovative thoughts in every way.

Companies that are starting now may need a little help in the early years to keep up, and individuals may need credit to resolve issues like renovating a room or paying a late credit card. Because traditional loans are full of bureaucracies, not everyone can borrow. In Bankate, this difficulty does not exist. Anyone who needs a credit gets it easily.

How it works

How it works

 Bankate: P2P marketplace loans

The process to get credit at the BancaC lub company is done completely online. The company’s role is to connect borrowers, whether individuals or corporations, to investors. Making this connection benefits both those who are asking for credit, and who are providing credit. Forget all the bureaucracy demanded by banks and high interest rates.

Because the process is done completely online, Bankate protects any and all information from users, even allowing investors to operate fully online.

The information provided on the site will in no way be sold or shared without the consent of those responsible. This security is very important to anyone who is using this service for the first time. The company that offers this security increases its credibility in the market and this is what happens with the Bankate.

Loans at Bankate

Loans at Bank Cleba

If you are interested in acquiring a loan, be sure to improve your credit history if you do not have a good score. The loans offered do not come with small letters or surprises such as hidden fees or bureaucracies equal to traditional loans.

Those who are interested in this type of credit should complete a registration form completely online, informing them what advantages investors will have in their business.

Tell your story, show interest in acquiring the credit you need, check the amounts that must be paid, and analyze the credit options offered. If one of the investors lends the credit they need, that money is deposited into their account without too many enrolações.

The installments of your loan can be paid in automatic debit to your checking account, for example, and the interest rates charged will not change.

Contrary to what banks require as collateral to get the credit you want, at Bankate you do not have to offer anything, just have a good social reputation and a good score on your credit history.

You do not need to have an extremely high score on your credit history, you just need to score. For the investor to invest in you, you need to make sure that you are a good payer of your accounts.

Investments in Bankate

Investments in Bank Cleba

If you intend to become an investor in Bankate, congratulations! You will have high incomes in a short time, that is, in about 1 or 3 years.

The financial return on investments made is very consistent. Another advantage that the investor has in this platform is that, within reach, there is a very large diversification of projects to invest.

The investor may choose to invest in a personal project of an individual or in a professional project of a legal entity.

What are interest rates?

What are interest rates?

Interest rates on Bankate’s P2P loans are always lower than those of banks. While in large banks interest rates vary between 4.2% and 9.7% per month, peer to peer lending rates are lower, ranging from 1% to 6.5% depending on the platform, the credit proposal and the agreed deadlines.

Bankate does not disclose interest rates on its website, but they are certainly lower than those of banks.

Create an account or sign in

Create an account or sign in

For you to have access to all the information made available on the Bankate website, you can register. By signing up, you can choose the profile of investor or borrower.

To create your account or log in, go to this page. On the left side of the screen, you can start your session if you are already registered. On the right side, you can sign up by creating a new account to apply for a loan or start investing.

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